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Your High School Graduation is an exciting and important event. The announcement you create is a perfect way to show off your own personal style. Announcements can be either elegant or fun, stylish or creative. Choose from an infinite number of styles; whatever you can imagine, our professionals can put together. By having your photo combined right into your announcement, you save money and don't have to worry about ordering separate photos to include as an insert. All announcements include layout and design to your specifications and also include white envelopes. Choose from Standard or Custom announcements.

Visit Our High School Students Website to view samples and pricing.

Custom Announcements
With a Custom Announcement, anything is possible. Choose as many photos, in any arrangement that you'd like. Choose from 15 different lettering styles and any background image or color that you'd like. Custom announcements are a great way to show your personality and creativity. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Custom announcements come as 4x6 sizes (or 5x7 for an additional cost).
25 Custom Announcements

Standard Announcements
With a Standard Announcement, you get your choice of photo and your choice of wording. Choose from 3 different lettering styles and 3 different background images. Standard announcements come as 4x6 size only.
25 Standard Announcements with envelopes

Additional Announcements
If you would like to send out more than 25 announcements, you may order additional announcements in sets of 10. Additional announcements must be the same as the 25 that are ordered, either Standard or Custom. Additional announcements do not come as a'la carte. White envelopes are included.